Questions for Willis...

1. Are you Insured?​

    a. Why yes I am! I am a insured and registered with the state LLC.


2. Can you handle ALL these requests from us AND the guests?

    a. Definitely. I update my music almost daily from record pools that I subscribe to. So it's rare that I don't have a song that's requested.


3.What will you wear to my wedding? 

    a. I've heard horror stories about DJs showing up dressed as if they're going to mow the lawn or pick up a loaf of bread. I do not. I am in a full suit ALWAYS.


4. Do you have back up equipment/staff?

   a. I always bring back up just in case that day should ever arise. Oh! I never book more gigs than I have DJ's for so that back up is always accessible.


5. If I ask for a special mix for a 1st dance, father/daughter, etc., can you make that happen?

    a. Yes indeed. I am a REAL DJ :-)

6. Do you provide anything else other than just DJing?

    a. Yep! We can provide or rent all kinds of equipment (lights, speakers, audio equipment, etc).


7. Will we meet or speak with you or our DJ before the wedding?

    a. Definitely will! We love to meet and have a real connection with our couples. 

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